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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  August 17, 2012 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. welcome to another edition of "right this minute" where we have videos first. it ain't your average chase car. a man in a minivan tries to outrun cops at 100 miles an hour. >> he's not the only one in this minivan. >> please don't hurt my wife and kids. >> hear where the kids thought they were going in such a hurry.
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see the damage done by hail the size of chicken eggs. >> that looks like vandalism. >> vandalism caused by mother nature. what is wrong with this picture other than everything? [ laughing ] we've got the story of the startled suspect in the weird shirt. plus, two things animals usually don't do, and one thing humans should never do with a bug zapper. utah police got a call for a reckless driver on the roads. this is the dash cam from that incident. that minivan that just blows by the police is the car they're trying to locate. they do manage to pull over the car once, but then he takes off. here's the second time they get the car to pull over. they get driver robert hills out of the car. he has his hands up and he
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complies, but he's not the only one in this minivan. >> please don't hurt my wife and kids. >> his wife is also riding with him. >> please don't hurt my kids. >> don't move. we're not going to hurt your kids, man. >> he also had four kids in the van as well. you heard the kids say they thought they were going fishing. >> hey, buddy, are you going? >> we're going fishing! >> yeah? you're going to go fishing? >> this chase got up to speeds of 100 miles an hour. >> why was he running, though? why would he run from the cops? >> he was more afraid of people chasing him than the safety of his own kids going 100 miles an hour? >> both were taken into custody. the wife and children were released to the division of child and family services. in the end robert hills was charged with speeding, reckless driving, dui, eluding police and avoiding arrest. take a look at this video we got. this is in a busy metropolitan
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area in china. in the center of your screen you have several police officers. in just a minute you'll be able to see why those police officers are there. you see this older gentleman? take a look at his tan. this older gentleman was in this busy area and for some reason an and we don't know why, this man had his pants down. police were called to the scene because of whatever problem this was causing. >> you can't go walking around with your butt hanging out. >> you look like a fool with your pants on the ground. >> as we get about a minute in, you see things start to get a little bit rough >> oh! >> he's trying to whip the officers with his belt. >> the crowd gets angry at the officers. and bystanders come in to pull the officers away from this older man. >> geez, now it's a full-on fight between police and pedestrians. people on the street were pushing and shoving these cops.
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the cops didn't whip out tasers and guns. try that in the states and it's a different scenario. >> but this seems to calm the situation sgloun thdown. >> this is the weirdest, calmest confrontation. when i was a kid, hail used to be fun because it was small and it was kind of cool. it was falling from the sky. nowadays, they're hail stones, they're huge and cause a lot of damage like in this siberian city where hail stones 2 3/4 inch in diameter were falling from the sky injuring 20 people and damaging more than 100 cars. we found this video on itn. >> this looks like there should be a guy in one of those carts that picks up the golf balls come by. >> like on a driving range. >> yeah. >> look at the back window of that car. that looks like vandalism.
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>> it was vandalism caused by mother nature. [ bleep ] always uerstand everything i do. >> it was all caused by a sharp temperature drop. temperatures were around 90 degrees fahrenheit and suddenly it dropped to about 60 degrees fahrenheit, causing these large hail stones to start falling from the sky. >> those hail stones were smashing in cars and smashing in windows, yesterday there's a woman walking with an umbrella. does it not break through the umbrella? >> no, no, it's a hailbrella designed for giant hail stones. >> oh. if you follow sports at all, you might have heard that earlier this week felix hernandez of the seattle mariners threw a perfect game. it doesn't happen often. that means no hits, no walks, of course no runs, no one even got on base. huge accomplishment.
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this video has been trending big-time. it is the seattle mariners aa minor league team, the jackson generals in jackson, mississippi. this is during warmups and batting practice. they're all out there in the outfield and they're watching felix hernandez in the big leagues in the final inning of his perfect game. two outs. it's the final batter. felix hernandez eventually strikes that batter out. and watch how these guys, these are minor leaguers, watch how these guys celebrate. >> they're going crazy like they just won the world series. i love it. >> this is cool. i mean they can really appreciate what a magnificent thing that perfect game was. >> huge. obviously these guys, you know, they had nothing to do with felix's big game, but it might be another reason why they're celebrating big-time.
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felix's brother, moises, is on the jacksonville generals. so he's watching his bro throw a perfect game, which really does not happen often. >> that's so cool. >> a perfect game! it's no ordinary scooter, it's a ski motion. >> i understand this is for exercise, but can i get a beer can holder for the handlebars? >> will this be the latest thing on three wheels? see how it works, next. and see the latest in tornados. >> this is not really a tornado. >> it's a fishnado. >> we have the
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remember, "right this minute" is all new, all summer long. time for another edition of bizarre moments caught on surveillance camera. this first surveillance footage we got from wis-tv in south
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carolina. this is footage outside cheap way in camden, south carolina. cheap way is a convenience store. these two guys duking it out in the middle of your screen are fighting over a dog. >> was the dog purchased at cheap way? is it someone's dog they brought to the parking lot? >> no reports of exactly what was going on with the dog, we just know it was over a dog. >> oh! >> did you see that spark? he just fired a gun at the guy in the white t-shirt. he actually shot him in the leg. this is the bizarre moment that was actually caught. >> the guy in the white just walks away. >> yeah, everybody just walks away. >> police found this guy standing outside of the mope m lisa hotel. this happened on august 3rd and they haven't found the shooter yet. that wasn't the only bizarre moment. this was caught by a home surveillance camera in rapid city, south dakota. watch this. >> he sees the camera.
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>> was the guy dancing or did he just come around the corner and be like, oh, security camera, and just back out of the scene? >> i think he was trying to act casual and just dance his way up to this person's property to steal something. >> according to the rapid city police department this guy iwanted is wanted in a string of burglaries. >> look how he walked back in the exact same steps, like it was just in reverse. bunny loves balloons.
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i think all of us likeo ack used to take our big wheels for a spin around the neighborhood. i wonder if years from now people will be like remember when we used to ride our ski motions around the neighborhood? >> what? >> this is a ski motion. a little three-wheeled device. it's got a steel frame. you move forward by kicking your legs side to side. you can steer with the front wheel. it's got brakes, the thing folds up. it was developed by a company that is based in denver, colorado. bill who works there is on the line joining us "right this minute" on skype. this is a bike, is this a scooter? >> we call it a scooter. you can ride with an inline skate motion or side to side. downhill you can get into a slalom like a ski motion. >> i would imagine the ladies are loving this because it can help get rid of that pesky inner
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thigh jiggle. >> it definitely gives you a workout. >> how long has this been around? >> we are just introducing it this fall. >> i feel like i've seen something like this before. this is similar to a different device or completely new? >> none of them have the hub type device we have on the front. >> a hub on the front? >> the hub where the legs and the stem come together. that lets you kick the side to side and carve into different turns if you want to. >> do i have to contract the legs in order for this thing to move? >> there's no pedaling involved. you can kick off like your old-fashioned push scooter. what's really neat is when people get on it with both feet and do that butterfly kick, the first thing they say is oh, wow, because it starts moving forward. >> how much is it going to be and where can we find them? >> it's going to be about $290 retail and we're about to announce the retailers where it will be available. we'll make that announcement very soon.
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>> i understand this is for exercise, but can i get a beer can holder for the handlebars? >> i'll make you one personally. >> i wonder how long it will take to make my butt look beautiful on one of these. >> a lifetime. it's like something out of the movies. look at those dolphins. >> it doesn't even look like they're really swimming. >> the dolphins lead the coast guard, next "right this minute." and still to come, fast food time, i think. >> have you guys heard of the mcgang bang? >> no. we be talking about this? >> see the sandwich that's not on the menu, next. a bike, plus a wall, and you get a whole new place. >> and that's where extreme and extreme meet and you get super extreme. >> super extreme bike climbing. see it "right this minute." you keep hearing amazing things about verizon fios.
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mcgang bang. >> have you guys heard of the mcgang bang? >> we be talking about this? >> if you like mcdonald's, you might like this dish. >> the mcgang bang. >> behold the wonder of the mcgang bang. >> it's a mcdouble with a mcchicken stuffed inside. >> oh! >> i see. >> not every mcdonald's knows about it. you can go to one and order it and they don't know what you're talking about. >> that's not an uncomfortable moment when you go to mcdonald's
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that doesn't know what you're talking about. hi, i'd like to get a mcgang bang. either they all come over the counter at you or they call the police. >> this isn't the only thing that you can get at mcdonald's that's different. you can also get the land, sea and air which has chicken, fish and beef. >> i was going to say that would be delicious. >> i really have to give it to steven soter because he put this video up. what he probably went through to find a mcdonald's that knew what he was talking about, built it the way he wanted and he shows us. the only thing missing from this sandwich, bacon. if bacon was on it, this would be the perfect complete meal. >> let's come up with a name for that. >> the mcgang pork. >> the mcporker. >> it could be called the porker beef cock. >> that sounds like the land, sea and air. >> if they're going to have inappropriate names, the porker beef cock wouuld be the bacon,
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the beef the hamburg erg and the cock the chicken. >> thanks for pointing that out. i'm going to show you guys a tornado like you've never seen before. >> whoa! >> whoa is right. this is not really a tornado. >> it's a fishnado. >> but it's a fishnado, yes. this is all sardines. this is at an aquarium in japan. apparently this is a show where thousands and thousands of sardines that people can enjoy. >> how come that shark didn't come by with his mouth open and just eat a bunch. >> he kind of did. he was kind of like that. >> that looks like a screen sav saver. >> it does. >> actually it looks like those sardines from "finding nemo." >> it's really clever how they
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do it. it looks like there's some sort of device that they throw into the water and they kind of maneuver it around them and that's what they follow. pay attention to this thing right here. see how it's falling? it goes down and then it jumps up, and then all of a sudden they all swarm around it. >> ah, that's neat. that's cool. >> some human is manipulating these sardines. you know those electrified fly swatter things. >> a bug zapper in your hand. >> yeah. they look like a tennis racket. >> yeah, they're cool. >> have you ever wondered what would happen if you did this with one of them? >> oh, my god. >> stuck it in a toilet? >> and then -- >> pee through it? >> bingo. the guy sort of behind the peer over the shoulder. now, this isn't x-rated, we don't see this guy's junk, which is good for all of us.
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>> oh! >> i mean really? >> hold on, hold on, did it zap him or just spark when peed on? >> i would believe -- >> and it scared him? >> the electricity traveled up the stream of pee to this guy's -- >> urethra. >> yes, to use a scientific term, medical term, thanks, beth. and zapped this dude's junk. >> i think it's fake. something is not right. no. >> to see the entire shocking video, you can decide for yourself if it's real or not. head over to and click best of rtm. >> we could just pee on it ourselves. >> someone send us one of these, nick will pee on it and we'll tell you if it actually happened. >> and we'll catch it on video. >> i will not. >> over the shoulder. still to come, a little segment we like to call --
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>> animals doing things you don't see animals doing. >> a wççñçñ of
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stolen property, a/k/a, 100 pounds of shrimp. i'm a big extreme sports fan and i love when two extreme sports come together. rick is in the netherlands and you see him with a bike. you're like oh, this guys going to do some bike stunts. tnhe you see m climbing. t his bicycle and that's where extreme and extreme meet and you get super
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extreme. rick gets to the top of this climbing wall with his bicycle. once he's at the top you think where the heck is he going to ride a bike at the top of this tower. >> it's a stunt bike. >> check out what he does. >> oh, no. >> i guess 50 feet in the air. >> on a bike? >> he hops. >> no! >> no! >> he barely made that first jump. >> he pretty nicely made it. it just always looks like they're not going to make it. >> i love this shot right here, from one tower to the next. isn't that incredible? >> he almost goes over the edge both times before he makes the jump. then when he lands it, his tires like -- >> there's your perspective. you see people climbing the wall just a few feet away. isn't that cool? >> it's like he knows that's something that's not meant for bikes to be on. >> how do you look up and that and say i'm going to ride my bike down that today. it's time for another segment we're going to call
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animals doing things that you don't normally see animals doing. >> that's a long segment name. >> mm-hmm, but it will look good on the screen. in this first video, we are going to see a brave little dog doing something dogs don't normally do. the dog is kind of playing chicken with the train. >> when he gets right in front of the train -- >> no! >> he barely missed it. >> wait, does he do this all the time? >> apparently this dog seems to enjoy outrunning the train. >> wow. i'd like to see if the dog didn't even know what was going on. he was just running along, saw the tracks, thought this was a good place to run. >> that's exactly what happened. >> now, remember i called this segment animals doing things that you don't normally see animals doing. >> there's more than one. >> yeah. so we're going to russia for the second video. we have got a little cat. how often do you see a cat enjoying a bath the way he is? >> cats don't like to do this. this is not a cat thing.
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>> if warner brothers cartoons taught us anything growing up, cats hate water. >> right. >> and they will do anything to not be in the water. >> they prefer to clean themselves. but this cat is like, it's like a personal massage. >> he's like all into it. >> is this video from 1996? >> the cat wanted mama and mama wraps him up like a little egg roll. that's going to do it for this edition of "right this minute." we do have one more video for you. this is what happens when a horse head makes its way into the office. enjoy. we'll see you next time. -- captions by vitac --
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